The B.C. Society for St. Stephen Children's Centre

Through fundraisers and partnerships with international nonprofit organizations, churches, and businesses, the BC Society for St. Stephen Children’s Centre helps to fund large projects to further build the infrastructure of the centre (e.g., bringing electricity to the centre) and in the village of Makondo (e.g., building a water well).  We also help to cover the operating costs of the centre by fundraising and connecting the centre with local and international businesses and markets to further support the centre’s income-generating activities. We also provide ongoing capacity-building training opportunities for the staff and the community members supported by St. Stephen Children’s Centre, such as advanced teacher training, business training, and vocational training.

All projects supported by the BC Society for St. Stephen Children’s Centre are developed to be community-based to ensure long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

At the BC Society for St. Stephen Children’s Centre, we aim to be fully accountable and transparent regarding our activities and financial records.

Please contact us to obtain copies of our Annual Report and Financial Statements, and/or other governing documents.


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